Day 2 – Inde-penne-dent Susan

Susan is often told that she lacks curves.

Amongst the other fusilli on my dinner plate, she is the only one without those characteristic helical features and voluptuous twists. But Susan knows she stands out – oh boy does she stand out!

Despite the name calling and the uncomfortable feeling of being in the wrong plate, Susan likes her shape. She likes her smooth surface, free of wrinkles and crevasses. She likes the evenness of her cook in the enveloping boiling water and the cool breeze of air once outside of the pot. Susan is not trying to be over the top and celebrates the geometry with which she was born. She knows her figure has never stood in the way of a great dish and she has no trouble being well complemented and complimented by sauces.

Susan happened to be brought up in the kitchen of a local Italian artisan and was meant to be a member of a small batch of pasta intended for the prime minister himself. Something must have gone terribly wrong for her to end up a foreigner in my plate but Susan is not afraid to stand out;

to her, being yourself is worth every penne.


6 thoughts on “Day 2 – Inde-penne-dent Susan

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  1. That’s right Susan. Never be ashamed to be yourself when surrounded by others that are totally different from you. Words to live by!

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  2. That’s unique using pasta to get across the important subject of being content being yourself. Wonderful is being yourself and loving yourself no matter how different you may be.


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